WIT CAREERS leadership development programs provide women in STEM fields with the tools and strategies necessary to join the next generation of STEM women leaders.

WIT has partnered with Emory Continuing Education (ECE) to offer three distinct certificate programs:

  • What It Takes to Develop Self
  • What It Takes to Manage Others
  • What It Takes to Master Leadership

Program participants are trained by Emory’s high-quality instructors and will receive an Emory Continuing Education certificate upon program completion. WIT CAREERS prepares program participants to write their own stories of success in STEM, ignite new self-reflections and pursue the infinite possibilities available in their careers.



We asked past WIT Careers graduates to share their thoughts and perspectives. Here’s what they had to say.


What It takes to Master Leadership

“What It Takes to Master Leadership” is a certificate program that helps women in leadership positions transition from being individual contributors to setting direction for their organizations. STEM leaders who want to gain the skills required to influence and impact business development and direction will learn advanced leadership skills with a focus on creating and executing a vision for optimal performance and growth.

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What It Takes to Develop Self

“What It Takes to Develop Self” is a certificate program designed for women in the early stages of their STEM careers who are looking to gain business and self-awareness skills to improve performance and communication. Upon completion of the program, participants will learn how to communicate effectively, make strategic career decisions, and employ techniques to enhance creativity and increase confidence in solution generation and strategic decision-making and analysis.

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What It Takes to Manage Others

“What It Takes to Manage Others” is a certificate program designed to address the unique needs of women in STEM fields who want to broaden their supervisory skills or high potential women who want to prepare for a managerial role. Upon completion of the program, participants will learn the skills necessary to communicate with, influence and lead effective teams.

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