This Week’s Women in Technology Thought Leader: Jocelyne Williams, Scientific Games

Jocelyne Williams is a Sr. Business Analyst within the gaming industry. She is the Lottery Product management Group-Process owner and implementation specialist with Scientific Games. Her role requires feature analysis and stakeholder management. She also excels in problem solving across technical and business groups. Jocelyne has also committed herself to research and program development of corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives; consulting and collaborating with senior leadership. In addition to producing  content and events for millennial leadership and women and leadership.

Working closely with customers and with internal teams, Jocelyne creates project and product charters, defining requirements for both waterfall and agile product development. This requires an extremely organized approach to managing processes. As well as the ability to stay on top of emerging trends through the ilab innovation group at Scientific Games.

Jocelyne also believes in being a “curator of experiences that empower women to be confident and provide them with tips on how to take control of their destiny without limits.”

“WIT is aligned with my vision to see more women in positions of power and influence. This is extremely important in the tech industry, which is continuously growing, and in dire need of more diversified presence and thought in leadership.  WIT is part of that solution, providing the resources, programs, and exposure a lot of women need to excel in their STEM careers.”

Jocelyne is also very active in the community. She is the curator, coordinator, and moderator of the Women & Leadership panel series, hosted bi-monthly in Atlanta, seen previously at General Assembly. She also supports diversity efforts for women in technology, through organizations like BWISTEAM (Black Women in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics ATL) and WIT.

More About Jocelyne Williams:

LinkedIn: Jocelyne Williams

Currently Reading: New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace, by Susan Packard

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received: The best advice I’ve ever received is not to get caught up in timelines, and focus on your purpose and the goals you want to achieve; let your vision take shape without forcing it into a specific time window. This can be hard to balance when you’re really passionate about a specific career path, but you understand you have to go through a process to reach it. The advice is to trust and believe in the process.

Originally published on Atlanta Daybook