Atlanta, GA – January 28, 2016 – Women in Technology (WIT), the Atlanta-based non-profit whose mission is to support women and girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) since 1992, is pleased to announce the newly elected members and officers to serve on its 2016 board of directors. WIT tells the stories of successful women in STEM fields and will enable more women and girls to write stories of their own.

Working in tandem as a dual board, WIT Incorporated provides leadership and support to the organization’s various programs and signature events. The WIT Foundation supports the philanthropic aims of WIT by focusing on pre-career programs and awarding cash grants to area organizations and nonprofits focusing on girls and STEM.

WIT Foundation

President, Vicki Wright Hamilton, Business Transformation Partners

Vice President, Danielle Joiner-McPherson, Jabian Consulting

Secretary, Christina Critzer, SunTrust

Treasurer, Henrietta Barnes, AnyTransactions

Board Member, Ann G. Fort, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan

Board Member, Sulaekha Kolloru Barger, The Boston Consulting Group

Board Member, Marie Mouchet, Southern Company

Board Member, Denise Reese, Endava

WIT Incorporated

President, Jacque Plair-Rushin, Rich/Rush Enterprises

Vice President, Jackie Breiter, Goizueta Business School at Emory University

Secretary, Christina Critzer, SunTrust

Treasurer, Bonnie Herron, Intelligent Systems

Board Member, Kitty Chaney Reed, NCR

Board Member, Julia Fare, Salesforce

Board Member, Mary Ellen Marcilliat-Falkner, Cox Automotive

WIT Foundation President, Vicki Hamilton, has been involved with the organization for 15 years, “I am honored to serve the Atlanta community in support of STEM through my appointment as President.  As we take women and girls from the classroom to the boardroom, we are here to make sure they can write their stories.  This will result in our community of employment working towards the goal of 50% of females in STEM by 2020. Collectively, along with a dedicated staff and a vast team of engaged volunteers, the board leadership continues to work laterally to serve as passionate advocates for women of all ages in Georgia’s STEM community.”

Joining WIT 8 years ago, incoming President Jacque Plair-Rushin is excited about the coming year, “As President of WIT, Inc., my primary goals are pretty simple:  to evangelize the mission of WIT and work toward engaging leaders and decision-makers in conversations that lead to an impactful awareness of why women must be purposefully engaged in their technology initiatives.  We work with many wonderful companies and leaders who show their support through sponsorships and/or serving on our Advisory Board. Women in technology are ready, willing, and able to take their place at the table and in the C-suite to drive innovation and excellence in Georgia and globally.”