No matter what stage of your career you’re at, Women in Technology (WIT) has a program that can help you keep moving up. Our three distinct Careers in Action leadership development programs offer a series of intensive educational sessions that give you the tools you need to get to the next level.

Women In Technology’s ‘Careers In Action’ program allows Program Participants to excel at each stage of their career by completing one of three distinct certification programs. In addition, employers who send participants will build talent and enhance succession plans to better achieve organizational goals.

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PROGRAM LENGTH: 36 hours, 3 weeks

WHO SHOULD ENROLL: STEM leaders who want to gain the skills required to influence and impact business growth and direction.

PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Program Schedule: Classes start Thursday, September 24, 2015

(3 Thursdays & 3 Fridays | 9:00AM – 4:00PM, every other week)


1. September 24, 2015

3.  October 8, 2015

5.  October 22, 2015


2. September 25, 2015

4. October 9, 2015

6. October 23, 2015

PRICE: $3,950

WHERE: 12 Executive Park Drive, Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30329

CERTIFICATE: Emory Continuing Education Certificate in Leadership Skills – 3.6 CEUs



The “What it Takes to Master Leadership” certificate program was created to help STEM leaders move from being individual contributors to setting direction for their organization. This certificate program offers advanced leadership skills, with a focus on creating and executing a vision for optimal performance and growth.


After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Leverage competencies in personal power, assertiveness, teamwork, and collaboration using an analysis of their Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)
  • Adopt the thought models, communication skills, and physical presence of a leader
  • Use the skills learned to influence, motivate, and challenge employees, encourage creativity and drive performance
  • Develop an organizational structure to support achievement of the realistic and strategic goals
  • Recognize the impact that change has on leaders, employees, customers and other stakeholders and implement appropriate action plans
  • Apply innovation and creativity to critical decisions at all levels of the organization
  • Adopt leadership models that can create significant change in the culture of the organization, including building a more optimistic, and future-oriented workforce

Program Course 1: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders (SEIP Assessment)

Research shows that more leaders fail due to lack of emotional intelligence than any other skill set. If you are in a leadership role, your success is dependent on your ability to lead yourself and lead others.  This involves taking your management skills to the next level; to the emotional intelligence level. This course focuses on the key social and emotional intelligence skills that enable leaders to maintain positive executive presence in challenging situations and inspire and empower their teams to follow their vision.

Program Course 2: Strategic Planning

This hands-on course is designed for professionals at all levels to learn how to apply the Strategic Planning Process. It offers a step-by-step guide to assist you in translating basic concepts and visions into a concrete plan for action to help you reach your objectives.

Program Course 3: Leading Change

In every organization today, regardless of size, industry or location, change is a constant. Managers must recognize change and help their employees deal with it in a realistic and strategic manner using sound principles and workable tools. Managers must realize that people don’t resist change as much as they resist being changed. Organizational leaders don’t control change or uncertainty; rather they guide, shape and influence it.

Program Course 4: Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders possess the ability to inspire followers to help build a vision of future success. Leaders who have a forward-focus must build their organizations by creating an environment of trust, honesty, and integrity. This course was developed to equip participants with the skills to be leaders who inspire motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration, preparing them to reach new heights of organizational achievement.

Program Course 5: Decision Making & Innovation

A major premise is that while decision making and innovation are somewhat related they are fundamentally different approaches to maximizing organizational effectiveness and productivity. In this course, participants will examine the specific elements of decision making and innovation and identify practical ways of incorporating innovation and creativity into critical decisions at all levels of the organization.

Program Course 6: Executive Presence

Executive Presence is the quality of an individual that projects confidence and competence. It draws on many factors, including how people carry themselves and how they communicate and interact with others. This engaging seminar will explore attributes that contribute to Executive Presence and common “fatal flaws” that detract from it. Participants will receive personalized feedback on their executive image and presentation styles using in-class assessment and video-taped exercises. Participants will leave this program with a prioritized Action Plan to make changes that will enhance their professional image.