Andrew has been with Home Depot for over 17 years. During that time he has held different roles, each with increasing responsibilities for the technology side of the organization. Before Home Depot, he worked as a technology consultant with BearingPoint/KPMG Consulting. He currently leads the Home Depot Technology group as Director of Information Technology.

Andrew’s commitment to the mission of Women in Technology is a personal one:

“Keeping women interested and engaged in Technology at early stages as well as throughout their entire education and early careers is key to ensuring the continued advancement toward equity in longevity and quality of careers for men and women in the sciences.  To me, it is very personal.  My daughter is nine and constantly blows me away with her ability to pick up scientific methods and concepts.  If she finds something she is more passionate about and doesn’t harness some of this aptitude, it will be her choice, but if she falls out of the track because of social norms, peer pressure, or worse, leadership guidance into something else, it will be a great loss to her and to wherever she might have wound up.  WIT’s focus will keep more and more of our daughters on track, which will eventually eliminate those social pressures.”

We asked Andrew to tell us a bit more about the programs or initiatives that Home Depot has in place to help empower young women in STEM:

“At the Home Depot, we have a value wheel which is core to everything we do and more importantly how we do it. It was one of the key factors on which our founders built the company and why we have been so successful over the years. A large part of every associate’s review is about how we are living these values.  We take them seriously and make them a part of everything we do. Two of these values are Respect for all People and Taking Care of Our People. This is a testament to how important we view our associates and inclusion and diversity in our company as well as how we treat our diverse workforce. We have a commitment to continue to hire, support, and promote women as part of our increasingly diverse workforce both as a company and within technology and it is paying huge dividends for us.“

Andrew received his Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina, and his MBA in Business Administration from the University of Georgia.



Reading: Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received: “I was in a 360 review a few years ago, which is where you get anonymous feedback from peers, direct reports, and leaders. I had a coach who told me before we looked at any of the feedback, to assume it was coming from the person I admire most. It was a great reminder that you can learn from anyone. You should take feedback seriously from anyone who is generous enough to give it to you. Don’t discount people’s statements based on your preconceived notions about them. I have applied that mindset to more than just feedback over the years since then. It is pretty amazing what you can learn from a broad number of sources if you open yourself up to hear from everyone.”