Lynne Davis, Founder and CEO of NterNow, an Instant Access Service for Locked Vacant Real Estate


Lynne always envisioned having her own business.  After graduating from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY with a B.A. in Communications and minor in math and marketing, she decided to open a restaurant – having waitressed her way through college.  However, after building her first business plan, Lynne realized the restaurant business was not for her.  So she went into the corporate world as a copywriter and headed to Syracuse University’s night school MBA program to study all the Entrepreneurship courses they would allow her to take, and kept dreaming.

Fast forward 30 years later, as a realtor in Atlanta, Lynne realized she needed a better lock box for her listings—one that would allow the DIY homebuying public into vacant homes, yet keep the home secure.  With her tech specs in hand, she interviewed widget builders, database developers, call centers, and website builders until she had all the pieces in place for the NterNow system.  Today, NterNow is up 50 percent since January in the builder market and is gaining scaling steam!

Lynne is a Women In Technology advocate who cares strongly about both technology and business.

“Technology is a means, not an end. A BUSINESS is a sustainable, profitable, scalable platform for fulfilling a market need.”


More About Lynne Davis:

Currently Reading: “For business, The Third Wave by Steve Case, but I love faith reading so right now I’m rereading My Heart Will Triumph by Mirjana Soldo.”

A Leader She Looks Up To: “I have had so many strong women leaders and teachers in my life– the women who broke the corporate ceilings for me in the 70’s, my girl scout leader who despite having a body debilitated by polio, took us on camping trips and hikes teaching us to never let anything hold us back, and my mother who retired from the Air Force after 38 years. The leader I currently most admire is the Chairman and CEO of Taylor Morrison Homebuilders Sheryl Palmer.  Despite being the head of a stock-traded company with quarterly earning pressures, her personal compassion for her employees flows thru the entire organization and sets how they treat one another, how they succeed together and the subsequent buzz about them.”


Connect with Lynne Davis 

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