With a BBA degree in Marketing from the University of Georgia, Michael Campbell began his career selling cable advertising for Cox Media in Washington D.C. After a few years, he and his wife moved back to Atlanta where he changed industries and ultimately worked for two of the biggest technology companies in the Southeast. During his tenure with Atlantix Global Systems and Corus360, Michael built a reputation as a hard worker, consistent quota achiever and consummate relationship builder. It was at Corus360 where Michael first met Mark Metz, a serial entrepreneur within the Atlanta technology community. 

Mark founded Relus Technologies in September of 2013 with the intent of disrupting the traditional IT consulting model. Michael joined Mark on day 1 as the VP of Sales and helped build the company from ground up. During his tenure with Relus, Michael played a key role in creating one of the world’s fastest growing AWS Premier partners. From hiring, to building sales, marketing and delivery teams, Michael’s influence and impact can be felt within every division of Relus. In 2017, Michael was promoted to President of Relus Cloud assuming all day to day activities of running the sales and delivery go to market functions. Today, Relus Cloud employs close to 150 employees, operates globally, has won numerous Best Places to Work awards and has recently been added to the Inc. 5000 list for 2018. 

More About Michael Campbell 

Why He is Committed to the WIT Mission: “One of the biggest lessons I have learned from my brief time working with WIT is how important it is to educate young women at an early age about all of the amazing opportunities that exist in technology. And not just educate them, but really pull them into the world of STEAM and inspire them to pursue a path not always chosen by women. WIT is such a positive force in so many different ways, but none more so than bringing awareness at an early age.”

Programs or Initiatives His Company Has to Advance Women in STEAM: “Relus Cloud is a supporter of WIT and has been involved in their mentoring and shadowing program. We also have team members that provide volunteer blogs and social campaigning on behalf of WIT. There is a monthly meeting for all of the women at Relus Cloud to get together to discuss recent networking events, gatherings and other programs that the different team members are involved in. The hope is that there are mentorships formed and collaborative discussions each month that help bring our less experienced team members into the fold and provide them a voice and opportunity to learn, ask questions and grow with our more tenured and successful female leaders. We are also looking into creating a program that enables our women to enroll in coding classes that will upskill them for future roles.” 

Best Advice He’s Ever Received: “Keep your head down, work hard, focus on the things you can control and don’t get involved in gossiping.” 

Currently Reading: “I just got done reading the Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. It was a great read and reminder about all of the hard things we have had to deal with along our journey from a startup 5 years ago to an organization that now employees almost 150 people within Relus Cloud. I am also about fifty pages into a book called Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. It’s pretty deep and I still have to re-read pages over and over again to make sure I am understanding it, but I think mainly it’s about the human condition and a look into where we came from and what makes people what we are today. 

A Leader He Looks Up to: “From a business perspective, I look up to my boss Mark Metz. He has started 5x different successful companies and has created thousands of jobs in the Atlanta area over the past twenty years. His mix of positivity, vision and calmness are unlike anyone I have ever been around in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. From a personal perspective, it would be my Mom and Dad. They have been together for fifty years and have stuck by each other’s side through heartache and joy and have never wavered in their commitment to themselves and their family. My Dad was a self-made man who put himself through college and worked 3 jobs until he was forty and then worked his way up through the corporate ranks leading large media organizations. My Mom was the leader of my family and instilled an amazing sense of humor, humility and love in each of my brothers and sisters. Leaders come in and all shapes and forms and my Mom probably doesn’t realize how amazing of a leader she is.” 


Connect with Michael Campbell 

Twitter: @reluscampbell