Richard Makerson is CEO and Managing Partner of BlueFletch, a boutique consulting firm focused on mobile solutions.

Richard has a background architecting mobile solutions and hands-on experience with the major mobile platforms. He has built and led teams for mobile initiatives for large enterprises and brought concepts to life for startups.

Prior to BlueFletch, Richard was co-founder of Less Meeting and managed teams as a consultant with Accenture.

Richard is passionate about solving tough business problems through mobile innovation. He is also committed to the Women in Technology mission.

“Encompassing multiple perspectives allows for enhanced innovations and lets us solve our client’s problems more effectively. It is a priority for the team to be involved in charitable service projects that promote diversity in technology. WIT has been a great partner and I am excited that BlueFletch is involved.”

BlueFletch also demonstrates successfully their approach in advancing women in STEM within their company.

“As a result of our initiative to promote diversity through hiring, BlueFletch outperforms the national average for women in tech with 31% of our team being women, 40% of which are women of color. In addition to thoughtful hiring practices, we’ve initiated policies that help support our team members. For example, our policy of open business hours and the ability to telecommute helps our team members  balance personal and professional responsibilities.

We also have a Quarterly Review process that zeros in on individual employees’ goals, training and personal development. It’s a great way for every person to express what they need, want and like about their current position as well as their goals for the future.

Lastly, I make it a priority to leverage my experience and influence in the technical space to provide mentorship and opportunity to those that otherwise would not have access.”

Richard is a graduate of Morehouse College with a degree in Computer Science.

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“The Culture of Success” (10 Natural laws for creating the place where everyone wants to work) by Steven J. Anderson

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received:
Growing up, my father had a saying, “remember, it’s better to be the help than need the help.” I remember at a very early age embracing that statement and it sticks with me to this day. I am reminded that everyday is a blessing and to remain humble. Also, that we can provide value to others no matter our situation.