Stefanie Diaz is galvanizing unstoppable women through events and content focused on the science of building a business and the art of building yourself. For two and a half years, Stefanie shared her insights as well as compelling stories of Atlanta technology entrepreneurs on the Mastermind Your Launch radio show which generating over 130,000 unique listeners per episode. In 2017, Stefanie founded W.O.E. Women Only Entrepreneurs; an event-based community for Atlanta lady bosses that can best be described as Ellen meets Oprah for women entrepreneurs.


“The deeper you dive into who you are paired with the bravery to bring that voice forward in your work, the more connection and impact you create.”


More about Stefanie Diaz:

Programs or initiatives her organization has to advance women in STEAM: “W.O.E. Women Only Entrepreneurs offer membership and events that bring women of all levels and industries together in a collaborative tribe that embraces resilience, diversity, and authenticity. Learn more at woeatl.com.

The Best Advice She’s Ever Received: “Thoughts Become Things”

What She’s Reading: The Alchemist

A Leader She Looks Up To: “Oprah. Not just because of her accomplishments, but because of her deep connection to her intuition in every step that she takes.”

Connect with Stefanie and W.O.E. 

LinkedIn: thestefaniediaz

Instagram: @thestefaniediaz

Website: thestefaniediaz.com