re:imagine/ATL is a hub where youth, creative technology, and industry professionals collide to form projects that ignite the voices of young people in the city. Their mission is to activate and equip youth as civic individuals and to equip them to become storytellers of their generation through creative technologies. The organization’s vision is to see restoration and transformation in the city of Atlanta as well as in  the lives of our youth.

When Susanna Spiccia created re:imagine/ATL, she developed it as a program that brings professional mentorship programs into local high schools, where students are offered opportunities to be involved in digital production, including: music, podcasting, video productions, and film productions. With the guidance of their professional mentors, the students themselves manage all aspects of these productions including editing, directing and producing.

Susanna is committed to helping the young people she works with find their own voices through the projects they work on in re:imagine/ATL. And the experience these kids are gaining from the re:imagine/ATL projects is demonstrating to them the difference they can make in their own community.

“I work with teenage girls who are from diverse backgrounds and upbringings. We teach them how to use film technology to tell their stories and the stories of others. We know that over 90% of production in the media is created by white males, and we want to help empower more young women to have an place in media as the creators themselves, using tools in technology to help them succeed.”
– Susanna Spiccia

We asked Susanna to tell us a bit more about the programs or initiatives that re:imagine/ATL has in place to help empower teens to story tell through media production:

  • We work in high schools where we work with teen filmmakers to create PSAs for local nonprofits; and out-of-school
  • We have monthly industry workshops in studios where teens can learn about digital tech careers,
  • We offer a music video production camp
  • Our teens are launching their own digital media network, called No Comment. While teens are a part of No Comment, they write, film, edit, produce, and implement digital media strategies with the help of professional mentorship. They learn how to use industry standard film production equipment and software–Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, a range of video cameras that film in 1080 or 5k. They also learn how to set up their own lighting and audio capture.

Susanna and re:imagine/ATL have also recently announced that applications are now open for their Music Video Production Camp, called The Green Room. At The Green Room summer camp, 5th-12th graders from all over metro Atlanta come together to create original videos under the guidance of a staff of professional visual  artists, filmmakers, and musicians. Over this 5 day camp, campers experience the complete production process including ideation, storyboarding, pre-production, filming, post, and finally, seeing their videos on the big screen at a public premiere.

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Reading: “Becoming Human” by Jean Vanier. Its beautiful.

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received: “Never have an agenda with people.” Of course, most of  the time, I find I do have agenda when it comes to work, but what stuck with me is to be present with people and not try to surprise them with a hidden agenda, or an alternative means for meeting with them. No one wants to feel used.