Immersion Experiences are an opportunity for WIT Girls to immerse themselves into a particular role to solve a problem or work as a part of a team. For example, at one event girls were given a problem and asked to find solution as a team. They were divided into different roles and used Agile project management methodologies to solve the problem and present their solution to the executive team.  Our sponsors will also often provide insight on soft skills as well, that are needed to be successful.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an Atlanta area company!

2020 Upcoming Events:

May 21 – NCR – Succeeding Through Crisis & Change

June 4 – Eliassen Group – Virtual Meeting and Internship Interview Best Practices



Recent Events:





XR Atlanta

March 23 – Extended Reality Workshop with Women in XR

The Weather Company and Atlanta’s Women in XR introduced WIT Girls to augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360-degree content at three hands-on stations. The 6th – 12th grade attendees had light saber battles, threw “solar balls” to melt snow, and created virtual reality stories! We explored the ways that virtual and augmented reality interact with computer science and how it is already being used in businesses and games across the nation.


February 18 – Coding Immersion Experience at State Farm

State Farm hosted a hands on Coding Workshop for our WIT Girls! At this interactive workshop, the girls worked in teams to learn about and create a WIT Girls webpage. From HTML to CSS to Javascript, the girls coded the projects themselves using CodePen, then presented their final webpages to the other teams.

Take a look at some of our WIT Girls in action below!