Award winners will be announced at WIT’s Awards Gala—Thursday, November 8, 2018 at the Georgia Aquarium—across four categories:

  • Large/Enterprise Organization: represents companies with more than 2,500 employees
  • Medium/Mid-Size Organization: represents Mid-sized/Medium Organizations (251-2,500 employees) and Educational Institutions
  • Small/Emerging Organization: represents companies with 250 employees or less
  • Non-Profit Organization, representing public/private non-profits

Nominations Criteria

Minimum Nominee Requirements

To qualify for a Women of the Year in Technology Award, nominees must:

  • Hold a business, technology or scientific leadership role in a company whose primary product is in the technology field OR maintain a leadership position in the technology or science department of a non-technology organization with authority over an IT operation, including but not limited to technology hardware, software, technical program management, telecommunications, and support desk/network operations center
  • Be employed by a Georgia-based business/organization or a division/subsidiary with a significant leadership role in Georgia
  • Hold a leadership or STEM position with a technology company OR hold a STEM position in a non-technology company
  • Perform a managerial role within her organization and hold budgetary responsibility
  • Have a minimum of one year of managerial experience within the current organization as of March 1, 2018
  • Have a primary residence in Georgia

Nominations Process

The nominations process has 4 steps. At each phase of the process a nominee’s role & responsibility may change.

Step 1: Nominee

The nomination can come from the nominee herself or from a peer.

Step 2: Honoree

A committee will review all submissions to ensure nominees meet the minimum requirements and determine which nominees best represent the spirit of the Women of the Year in Technology Awards. A top 10 in each category – known as “honorees” – will be selected.

Step 3: Finalist

The WIT Awards Selection Committee, comprised of WIT and WIT Foundation board members, will determine three finalists in each category.

Step 4: Winner

Winner determined by panel of independent judges.

WOTY Nomination Brochure

Click here to nominate a Woman of the Year