Dr. Andrea Bowens-Jones WIT Community Impact Director

Dr. Andrea is a former Procter & Gamble (P&G) R&D Section Head. She has managed  multi–discipline teams of scientists and engineers to drive technology, formulation, and process development for top personal care brands such as Secret, Old Spice, and Gillette.

A polymer chemist by training, Dr. Andrea cares deeply about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and inspiring the next generation of technical leaders. In 2004, she developed the Resident Scholar Program (RSP) while at P&G. RSP is a unique job-shadowing program for minority youth interested in careers in STEM.  It is now a premier program for talent pipeline development at P&G for which she received a number of awards. The program expanded to Duracell Company in 2012.

As Community Impact Director, I’m able to introduce the WIT Girls program and my passion for science to students in underserved communities across Atlanta. The opportunity that WIT brings to those students is much needed and can be life-changing. I was once that little girl, so the fact that I can do what I do for WIT has been life changing for me as well.

After over 15 years, Dr. Andrea left her job in management to pursue her passion as a consultant and personal/professional development coach, speaker, and trainer.  Fueled with the passion to diversify the STEM pipeline, Dr. Andrea engaged quickly with WIT after moving to Atlanta in 2015.  She served on the WIT Girls team as the 2017 Job Shadow Leader and the Community Impact Director, where she leveraged her 10+ year experience in engaging youth to pursue careers in STEM.

Dr. Andrea credits the lack of role models that look like her as the reason why she works to inspire, develop, and grow the next generation STEM leaders.

Involvement with WIT has allowed me with the opportunity to live out my passion for STEM pipeline development.  My earliest involvement was as a guest speaker for the Job Shadow Opening Ceremony. Little did I know that I would be leading the program 1 year later. Thank you, WIT!