Carrisa Jones, WIT Girls Program Director, Director – Talent Acquisition and Atlanta Market Ambassador at Advocate

Carrisa Jones – WIT Girls Program Director 

Carrisa loves giving back. She feels as if giving back is her doing her part in keeping our world awesome and spends most of her life doing so.

Five years ago, Carrisa attended her first Women In Technology (WIT) event – the WIT Women of the Year Awards. Scott Fogle, Co-Founder and President of Advocate and previous WIT Awards Judge, invited Carrisa along with fellow company managers to attend.

Carrisa had no idea that she was about to experience a life-changing event, but has been forever grateful ever since. At the event, she thought to herself “WOW – I want to be her, and her, and her” – speaking about women in attendance.

“The way that the women around me and on the stage embraced, encouraged, and celebrated one another made me want to be part of this powerful movement,” said Carrisa. For this reason, Carrisa credits Fogle as the reason that she, among others, are now members of WIT.

“I firmly believe that developing and growing relationships is an essential element in a healthy life. After my participation in WIT as a judge, I became convinced the organization was full of life, and that Carrisa could make a big impact. After witnessing her performance and gratification from her role’s at WIT, I am truly satisfied that Carrisa + WIT is a winning team!” said Fogle.

Since then, Carrisa has held a variety of leadership roles within WIT Girls over the years including Recruiting Manager (Behind the Scenes) and Program Director – for the past two years. While most of her time has been spent working with WIT Girls, each year Carrisa looks forward to volunteering at WIT’s signature events, WIT Connect and WIT Awards, to assist with fundraising.

One of the things Carrisa enjoys about volunteering at WIT is the fact that the organization operates in excellence and everything that WIT does has an impact. “Being responsible for a program, volunteers, and young girls has prepared me for higher positions in my own career. It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by a network of women who have mentored me and provided unconditional support,”
said Carrisa.

Carrisa’s passion for inspiring and mentoring young girls to pursue STEAM careers has no boundaries. Over the past years, she has impacted girls in her neighborhood, church, coworkers and even her friend’s daughters. Her commitment to others and her community is evident to all those around her including her friends, family, and coworkers.

“She is always helping people in the community to succeed whether teaching Life Builders Class for the youth at church or speaking to classrooms around Metro Atlanta. Carrisa also spends countless hours volunteering her time around the community and she doesn’t ask for anything in return. Her winning attitude inspires me and I’m thankful for people like Carrisa every day. She’s simply the best!” said Karvis Jones, Carrisa’s husband.

“Carrisa is an Ambassador for our young professionals.  She creates opportunities and wins the hearts of the people she touches with her passion and love as she serves through her volunteering efforts,” said Carol Kelly, Director – Service Provider Partners at Advocate.

Often times people ask Carrisa if she is a full-time WIT employee because of her daily commitment to the organization and the girls she serves. Carrisa believes this is a reflection of her personal commitment to making Georgia the state with the most women pursuing a STEM education and career.

“It’s equally important to be a member of WIT, as it is to be involved with WIT. Over the past two years, I’ve learned so much from our Resource Development Manager, Pat Hurston, on how to raise sponsorship dollars for us to continue doing the great work we do. She’s been an amazing mentor whom I admire tremendously.  As a volunteer, I make it a priority to be dependable and a leader that my team enjoys working with. Just as I was inspired by the women I met while attending my first WIT event, I want our young girls to meet me and walk away saying “I want to be like her!”