Connie discovered her passion for math and science at an early age and was fortunate to have many avenues to let it out, as well as the support and encouragement from her family to excel in areas largely represented by men.  Connie was one of a few women “mathletes” in high school and her love of problem solving spurred her to pursue math and computer science for her undergrad and graduate degrees at UNC Chapel Hill and Johns Hopkins University respectively.

Connie’s career started as a software developer and she progressed into leadership roles building enterprise software solutions.  Today, Connie is a VP of R&D at Manhattan Associates, where she led the development team that recently launched their groundbreaking Manhattan Active™ Omni solution. Prior to joining Manhattan Associates, Connie was Vice President of Solutions Development at Premier, Inc. where she built the ValueAdvisor™ development team which was selected as an Information Week 500 finalist in 2010 (ranked 72).

But Connie is still not satisfied. She wants every woman to have the chance to maximize that technological spark and curiosity inside of them.  To that end, she has made a significant investment of her personal and professional time volunteering and sponsoring programs for women in STEM.

Earlier in Connie’s career, she was on the Steering Committee of the Charlotte Women in Information Science and Engineering (WISE), where their charter was to Educate, Engage, and Empower women to pursue technology careers. She was also a volunteer with TechConnect ( ), a weekly after-school technology and computer club for students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg High Schools. As part of her volunteer activities in Charlotte, NC she presented to local high school students about the benefits of choosing a career in technology. Connie’s local volunteer time includes participating in the WIT/GGIT Career Explorations event at The Ron Clark Academy.

Connie’s founding and sponsorship of the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) at Manhattan Associates is one of her proudest achievement in supporting women in her company and community. WIN’s goal is to foster an environment and culture to support the talented women at Manhattan Associates.   WIN is a global organization and sponsors events across all Manhattan Associates’ office locations as well as within their local communities including WIT in Atlanta.

Connie also spent a semester teaching Computer Science at Georgia Perimeter College.  This deepened her belief in the importance of providing everyone the educational opportunities needed to achieve technology careers.  Connie also promotes the benefits of technology beyond STEM careers.  She is a Board member of BH Technology Group (BHT) whose mission is to educate seniors about current technology and the tools available to them to connect and communicate with family and friends. BHT’s goal is to empower, through the benefits of technology, a group of people who increasingly feel alienated because of fast-changing technology.

Through all of Connie’s experiences she has developed a great understanding and appreciation of the challenges of studying and working in a field that is male-dominated in addition to one that is very difficult.  She has learned across decades that by setting high yet achievable standards for yourself and others you can and will do great things regardless of your gender.