Women in Technology – 2017 Women of the Year Award Winner – Small/Emerging Organization 

Denise W. Hines, DHA, PMP, FHIMSS 

CEO, eHealth Services Group, and Executive Director, Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN)  

Denise Hines knew at a very young age that she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare and began working in the field during her teen years. There was just one problem:  she didn’t like blood. This led to the discovery that the best way for her to improve healthcare is through technology.  

Denise has more than two decades of healthcare experience in a variety of settings, including health systems, physician offices, home health, technology vendors, consulting, state government and revenue management. She is renowned for building service and results-oriented organizations and she possesses a passion for the widespread integration of technology and healthcare. 

After working with private and state organizations – including creating Georgia’s two-, five-, and 10-year strategic plans for health information technology – Denise decided that being with her family was too important to spend hours each day commuting. She took the big step of creating her own company, eHealth Services Group, which provides services that assist healthcare providers with the implementation and successful use of HIT systems. eHealth Services Group works with healthcare constituencies to optimize the benefits of technology and support the delivery of quality care. 

In 2013, she was named Executive Director of the Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) and eHealth Services Group was engaged to provide the staffing needed to support the nonprofit’s mission and activities. 

As Executive Director of GaHIN, Denise is responsible for all operations and initiatives, reporting directly to the Board of Directors. GaHIN is the statewide health information exchange that facilitates the exchange of information so providers have the patient information they need at the point of care. During the past year, she has initiated new value-added services such as medical imaging exchange and laboratory reporting that will benefit all Georgians. 

In addition, she was selected to serve as the Chair of the North America Board of the Health Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in July 2017, and is serving in that position for the next year. HIMSS, the largest and most influential health IT association in the world, had played an important role in Denise’s career development, giving her an opportunity to learn more about leadership of a nonprofit organization while expanding her professional knowledge and skills.  

One of the primary reasons that she agreed to serve as Chair was the opportunity to be the first woman of color to serve in that role. She has demonstrated to other women that they also have the opportunity to be successful in a world that seems so often set against them. Denise frequently speaks on panels and always stops to talk with the young women who want to seek her advice afterwards. She also teaches college classes and is gratified to be able to connect with young people interested in her field.  

Because encouraging achievement begins “at home,” Denise is proud that in the past year, her eHealth Services Group team has completed professional certifications and a masters degree, are involved with professional organizations, and attend local and national conferences.   

“During my career, I have benefited from the advice, mentorship and friendship of women whom I admire,” Denise says. “As my career has advanced, I have sought to provide the same nurturing to women entering the field of technology. Perhaps some day it won’t be necessary, but until then, I will do everything in my power to help other women achieve their maximum potential.”