Georgia Institute of Technology Scheller College of Business Dean Maryam Alavi’s Journey Through Business and Science 

I’ve been drawn to the exploration of math and technology ever since I was young. When I reached high school, I decided to pursue my interest in math and technology by coming to a university in the United States. Now, in my current position as Dean of Georgia Institute of Technology Scheller College of Business, I am at the intersection of technology and business – what a wonderful and unique opportunity it has proven to be.

Throughout my career I have continuously challenged myself and others around me to advance within the technology space – increasing our knowledge and abilities to tap into new ideas and approaches to solve today’s and future challenges. It has always been my passion to show others the profound ways that combining technology and human effort can improve lives, whether professionally or academically.

In early 2017, I was invited to speak at the TedXCentennialParkWomen conference, an event dedicated to advancing women and ideas. I presented my work on how new digital platforms can be utilized for novel, efficient and flexible business solutions. This insight into human-machine teams is merely one example of the ways technology can benefit business, which is my driving motivation behind the work I do.

During my tenure as Dean of Scheller College of Business, it has been my mission to transform the College into one of the leading technology-oriented business schools in the world. I find immense value in taking the wonderful research my faculty and peers have conducted and applying it to real business solutions, not just to make Scheller College a leader in innovation, but to enhance our world collectively.

At this point in my career, I find joy in mentoring women, and men, in support of their STEAM endeavors in academia and their careers. I strive to increase the visibility of women and underrepresented minorities in high-tech business because I believe they can make key contributions in addressing business and social challenge.  

Scheller College of Business is situated in Atlanta’s Tech Square, a hub of innovation, startups, incubators, and research centers. This strategic placement presents a multitude of interdisciplinary opportunities to the women in the technology and business sectors. By providing new and emerging knowledge and capabilities right next to Scheller College, my colleagues and students are able to develop and apply theories and build leading research to advance our world. This constant progression toward a more advanced future in business and technology is what will drive our global economy and society in the future, and an inspiring amount of that work is happening right here in Atlanta!

It brings me immense joy to see the vibrant environment surrounding my role in technology and business in Atlanta and at Scheller College of Business. Watching young women gain an interest in business and technology reminds me of my own journey. I intend to foster that growth with the inspiring opportunities I have been given at Scheller College of Business.  

About The Georgia Institute of Technology Scheller College of Business 

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business is at the intersection of business and technology. Located in Atlanta, home to 17 of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, and strategically located in world-renowned Technology Square, the College provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to learn in one of the nation’s premier high-tech business centers. The College offers a globally-recognized, highly ranked business programs including full-time, evening, and executive MBA degrees as well as undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees. Interdisciplinary centers and programs encourage collaboration in research, teaching, and experiential learning within Georgia Tech in some of today’s most sought after arenas including business analytics, sustainability, leadership, ethics, entrepreneurship, international business and related topics.  In conjunction with Georgia Tech, the College offers joint MS degrees in Quantitative and Computational Finance and Business Analytics. Non-degreed programs provide executives and professionals with lean six sigma, strategy and digital innovations, business analytics and custom offerings for continued learning.  More information can be found at