WIT’s organization is structured to involve as many volunteers as possible with varying degrees of responsibility.  There are programmatic positions consisting of committee membership, event speaking, company hosting, and event registration, and any combination thereof.  All are challenging, all are important and all are necessary in order for WIT to function and effectively meet our mission.

Effective volunteer leadership requires the ability to appreciate WIT’s goals and to motivate all the various members which collectively make up this organization.

Find the Right Placement!

Consider those skills you already have and those skills you would like to develop. Consider the experiences you bring with you to WIT and those which you would like to enjoy. Consider those tasks which motivate you and those which you find more troublesome. Review the structure of WIT and identify the program areas in which you would like to serve.  Voice your interests by completing a volunteer application.

Volunteer Application

General Policies:

The following criteria will be used when reviewing volunteer applications and assigning placements:

  • Time available
  • Fit of skills and needs
  • Leadership experience
  • Seniority based upon past service to WIT

Volunteer Placement Options:

WIT GIRLS (middle and high school)
WIT CAMPUS (college)
WIT CAREERS (STEAM professionals)
WIT FORUMS (STEAM professionals)
Signature Events: (1) WIT CONNECT & (2) WIT AWARDS

Volunteer Orientation:

Below are the volunteer orientation dates which are held beginning at 5:30 PM and ending at 7:00 PM.



Daugherty Business Solutions
3438 Peachtree Road NE,
Suite 950
Atlanta, GA 30326


*2018 volunteer orientation dates to be announced*

Contact us at info@mywit.org for more information.