Women in Technology (WIT) is always working to improve its professional development programs to ensure that every program moves us closer to our mission of Georgia being the state with the highest number of women in STEAM Fields. We are currently reviewing our WIT Careers program for:

  • What It Takes To Develop Self
  • What It Takes To Develop Others
  • What It Takes To Master Leadership

The WIT Careers initiative will be led by Jennifer Falk, Volunteer Director.  A steering committee is currently being formed, consisting of the Board, past class participants, WIT Partners, industry experts and others in the STEAM community.  While the current WIT and Emory Continuing Education program has received rave reviews from participating individuals and companies over the past year, WIT leaders are listening to feedback regarding how these programs are delivered, including technology-based learning and career development options. Given the ever-changing technology landscape, WIT is committed to continuously striving for improvements in growing our professional development programs to ensure that we have programs that take us from the classroom to the boardroom and are aligned with needs of the STEAM community.

The WIT Careers Steering Committee will develop the strategic plan for ensuring that WIT continues to be in the forefront of strengthening the local STEAM pipeline of qualified women leaders within Georgia companies. By consulting with local companies and past participants, the committee will be able to create a stronger Professional Development program that will align more closely with current workforce needs considering new options for training programs that boost participants’ collaborative, multi-tasking and technology skills.

The steering committee will present its report with recommendations by the end of Fall and expect to launch new course offerings next year.